Digital Message Manager

Welcome to the official support site of the Digital Message Manager (DMM) project. This site is used to report bugs, ask usage questions, and request features. The DMM project was created to help assist operators using digital programs such as FLDigi and EasyPal. File managment of the various programs makes it difficult to efficiently handle, archive, and review digital traffic. This tool aims to bridge the various programs and offer easier ways to manage the data being sent and received.

I’d like to thank Rick K8CAV and Jim KC8PD for their assistance with alpha testing, program name selection, and dealing with a barrage of emails from me during the early development stage. :-)

Download the latest version here.

Note: This software is currently in beta, meaning you will find bugs in it.

73 Steve K8SRR

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Login access

If you are interested in getting a login into this site to post comments or questions, please drop me an email with your callsign and I will create an account. I have had issues with spammers signing up and posting advertising.


73, Steve K8SRR


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